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Do flexible working hours bring more efficiency?

We have been interested in this issue in our company for a long time. As our lifestyle goes faster, everyone appreciates their time, so when choosing a job, for example, flexible working hours are also decisive. We offer this opportunity at Swida Innovative to young people who work as a salesperson.

This is a new way of a working environment in our company. Flexible working hours can be a great motivation for everyone. It comes with great freedom, but also the responsibility.

With flexible working hours, the salespersons work up to their own conviction, mindset, and push themselves forward. It is up to them how they manage their time – the results are what counts at the end of the day.

What does a salesperson gain through flexible working hours?

  • the freedom to allocate working hours as needed
  • the space for late arrival or early leave, which can be used for private or corporate
  • no stress from constant time checks
  • the space to prove one's effectiveness and ability to meet working conditions
  • inner motivation to do one's job 110% better and sooner
  • the chance to "prework" working hours

The opportunity to be the boss of your time will really show the abilities of a person. No one criticizes you for late arrivals, no one judges if you want to knock off early. Everyone uses their potential and talents the best they can – one will do their job in 4 hours, the other will finish it in nine hours. The foundation is to find your own time management and carry out your job effectively.

At the end of the month, we do not rate the salespersons by how much time they spent physically in the company, but by their efficiency. Have you fulfilled the pre-set and agreed conditions, which are generally applicable and redeemable to all salespersons? That is the main question we ask.

Flexible working hours ensure freedom, but also the responsibility. Only a salesperson with great time management and self-discipline can be more efficient, productive and beneficial to the company in less than a typical 8-hour shift. The benefit is offered by the company and theoretically, it has great potential to be successful. This only depends on people, their motivation, and belief.

Do you think that flexible working hours motivate people to get better results, or does such freedom bring too much responsibility that one cannot overcome over time? We will eventually find out at Swida Innovative. We will be happy to share the results of our success and performance later.


Do flexible working hours bring more efficiency?

With flexible working hours, the salespersons work up to their own conviction, mindset, and push themselves forward.

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