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How does it work

We've tried to optimize our transport process for the best possible efficiency. That is why we have developed our own app, which makes the process noticeably easier.

Accepting the request for transport

The entire transporting process begins with accepting the client's request for the transport. Our employees will immediately process the request.

Choosing the best way of transport

Our operational department takes on client's demand and immediately begins to search for the best transport options, made for the particular requirement. After we finish our app, this step will be in the hands of our software.

Sending the offer within 15 minutes

The client receives the first offer within 15 minutes of receiving the request. By deploying our new system, the delivery time of the offer will be considerably shorter.

Confirmation of the solution from the client's side

In the case of suitable conditions on the client side, we wait for the confirmation of the offer made by us. After a positive response, we begin to carry out the transport.

The load transport

The standard process of transport follows - the carriers come to the loading place, loads the goods and after the transport, he unloads it as well.

Sending invoices for transport

After transport, the carrier will send the documents from the transport along with the invoice which we will send to the client after its processing. Soon, the clients will have the access to all invoices in our client portal.