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We celebrated company´s 4th anniversary

The celebration of Swida Innovative´s 4th birthday might not have looked like a birthday party of a 4 year old. A child may eventually forget about his or her birthday. Of course, we are not saying that everybody from the company is going to remember the evening of our 4th birthday forever…

As Swida Innovative is a young company with a team of young people, fun was a matter of course at the celebration which took place on 16th November in the Hotel Yasmin in Košice.

2019 in figures

The party included a summary of 2019. During the previous year we managed to carry out almost 18 000 shipments. We made phone calls for more than 11 000 hours. In 2019 we succeeded in achieving a turnover of more than € 10 million. However, this success has not come out of the blue – the whole team of Swida Innovative is behind that.

Number of employees and annual turnover

Logistics Oscars

Although we are not a film academy, we like to award our people with prizes. We would like to thank the best of them, as well as those who have improved most, for their work with a trophy and attention. This year, we gave away the total of 11 awards. Of course, those who did not get any awards received presents, too. We definitely do not wish them to be angry with us.

Awarded employees for 2019:

  • Most Productive Seller – Patrik Demko
  • Seller of the Year – Ester Bystránská
  • Jumper of the Year in the Seller category – Matúš Chovanec and Rastislav Bulla
  • Dispatcher of the Year (Košice) – Rudolf Barila
  • Dispatcher of the Year (Trebišov) – Adrián Vaško
  • Jumper of the Year in the Dispatcher category (Košice) – Lukáš Fabian
  • Jumper of the Year v the Dispatcher category (Trebišov) – Samuel Šemega
  • Most Comprehensive Dispatcher – Daniel Gud
  • Special award for production (Trebišov) – Gabriela Štefanková
  • Special award for production (Košice) – Veronika Hladová

Thank you. We congratulate all of you. We would also like to thank those who hosted the awarding ceremony.

It would not be complete without a raffle

A must have of each proper social event is a raffle. And our Mirka, who was in charge of preparing the 4th anniversary of our company, knows that. Thanks to Anti´s business spirit, all raffle tickets got sold out. However, we expected that as the raffle contained products with Swida brand, as well as a flight in a hot-air balloon or a car rental for a weekend. A free day off surely piqued interest, too.

Each company event turns out well thanks to people who take part in it – it is always about people. The managers of individual teams mentioned in their speeches an idea we identify with:

The way we behave now has an impact on our future.

We celebrated company´s 4th anniversary

The celebration of Swida Innovative´s 4th birthday might not have looked like a birthday party of a 4 year old. A child may eventually forget about his or her birthday. Of course, we are not saying that everybody from the company is going to remember the evening of our 4th birthday forever…

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