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SWIDA Innovative provides support to Pediatric Oncology in Košice

There are never enough helping hands for those in need. Whenever an opportunity arises to assist those who need it most, we joyfully seize it. This time, SWIDA has chosen to support the Pediatric Oncology Society in Košice.


The Pediatric Oncology Society in Košice is active not just in caring for children affected by oncological diseases but also in efforts to improve the working conditions for doctors. The organization is working on the reconstruction and expansion of oncology spaces, with the sole financial source for this implementation being sponsors and volunteers.

SWIDA has lent a helping hand and started a collection for the reconstruction of pediatric oncology in Košice, to which it will soon contribute €5,000 in donations. The amount, previously allocated for gifts to our clients as a gratitude for our cooperation, will now provide comfort and hope to children in health distress.

Pediatric Oncology in Košice

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