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SWIDA Innovative Celebrates Star Disponent, Roland Batta

SWIDA Innovative is proud to shine a spotlight on Roland, our longest-serving and most productive disponent. Roland’s remarkable journey with us highlights the power of language skills, dedication, and a dash of humor.

From Humble Beginnings to Transport Leader

Roland’s success story began in our Trebišov branch, where his fluency in Hungarian proved a tremendous asset. His exceptional performance propelled him to our main Košice branch, where he continues to excel.  His dedication didn’t start with us – Roland discovered SWIDA through a former teammate and friend, and in a delightful twist, the initial job interview took place in the comfort of his own living room!

An Unmatched Record of Achievement

Roland is a true pioneer, the first disponent to join SWIDA Innovative after its founders. His impressive track record speaks for itself: 11,600 successful transports, two “Disponent of the Year” awards, and a record-breaking 333 transport vans dispatched in a single month.

What’s his secret to success? Passion, Competition, and Goals!

When asked about his success, Roland emphasizes the joy he still finds in his work, his daily motivation to achieve the best results,  a healthy competitive spirit, and his ambitious goals.

SWIDA Innovative is honoured to have Roland as part of our team. His story is an inspiration, demonstrating the boundless opportunities that arise when talent, passion, and a welcoming environment align. Roland’s ongoing commitment to his work is evident in his recent promotion to disponent expert as of April 2024.

We look forward to celebrating his continued success!

SWIDA Innovative Celebrates Star Disponent, Roland Batta

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