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Searching for a new freight forwarding partner? Don’t pick by size!

Not size, but flexibility and reliability are, in our experience, a decisive factor in choosing a partner for freight forwarding. However, we are convinced that the size of our company is rather a competitive advantage. Find out some of the pros of a smaller company’s operations.

Organizational structure

It surely does not surprise anyone that SWIDA Innovative with its 116 employees still has rather a simple organizational structure and our co-owner and CEO Viktor Sučka remains a part of a team.

This makes it easier to create a friendly atmosphere for smaller teams with strong leaders, who can take a “shovel in their hand” when needed.

Processes and decision making

Dynamics, high adaptability to changing demand conditions and flexibility are the main advantages of smaller companies such as SWIDA Innovative. Strong centralization of management functions in the hands of owners and key employees enables SWIDA Innovative to focus on customer experience and provide customized solutions offered to clients within a few minutes.

Strong education and development processes implemented over the past few years have resulted in an award for the fastest-growing Slovak businesses – Diamonds of Slovak Business, awarded by Forbes magazine.

Education and personal development

SWIDA employees usually perform a diverse set of tasks which need to be taught from the very beginning. We are convinced that quality training and practical experience create the most resilient and loyal employees.

We are still a fairly young company so we need to invest in employee training as much as we can. Specialized online courses, webinars and sophisticated tutorials which offer almost unlimited learning possibilities are something we are starting to incorporate on top of in-house training as well.

Financial resources & cash flow

Our financial possibilities are not unlimited, but due to the size of the company and the length of operation, we are financially very solidly secured. We can allocate the necessary resources to investments very quickly and thanks to the fact that we pay 99.9% of our liabilities on time (the 0.1% reserve is due to the human factor), we have high credit between partners, suppliers and banks. The proof is also a number of Solvency Certificates we have. 


Many small business owners claim that they could never start a business in an area that requires innovation. Innovation is usually very costly and rookie entrepreneurs often don’t have sufficient financial resources at the beginning of their business for it. Our path was exactly the opposite.

From the beginning, we decided that innovation was so important to our business that it needs to be part of our DNA and that’s why we put it in the name of our company.

When choosing a freight forwarding partner, clients often ask about the future and innovations in the pipeline. Our internal IT team keeps evolving a custom made logistics system which can be tailored to both internal needs and special requirements from our customers. 

Market information & Marketing

In any good company, marketing investments grow hand in hand with the success of the company. It is the same with us. We are convinced that the power of communication is growing today more than ever. Thanks to the constant contact with the customers we have, we are able to gather enough information about the market and important insights which are being utilized in our marketing efforts, particularly in lead generation activities, brand building and overall communication strategy of the company

Customer approach

We are aware that as a smaller-scale company we cannot offer comprehensive logistics services, such as warehouses, ships, planes, etc.. However, we can bring great flexibility in road cargo transportation services and narrow specialization, which is demanded by clients more and more nowadays.

For those of you who consider the public image of the company as an important element in decision-making, large internationally known companies will probably always be a greater attraction. However, companies such as Robert Bosch, Audi, CNH and others trust us with their express and regular road cargo transports across Europe which provides the proof of nothing but top quality services we provide.

If it suits you that your logistics partner does not need the reputation of large companies, SWIDA Innovative is a good choice for you. In our business, the customer is not just some entity listed under the customer number. Our employees are often in contact with the client on a daily basis throughout the duration of the business relationship. For us, the perfect knowledge of our customer and a tailored approach to his/her needs is a must. 


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