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Swida Innovative ranks among successful Slovak businesses

We have become a diamond of Slovak business.

Forbes Magazine has been awarding small and medium-sized fast-growing and healthy Slovak businesses with Diamonds of Slovak Business for 11 years. On 25th October 2019 we also received this award as a great honour.

2nd place in the east

The aim of the award is to highlight those Slovak companies that thrive in the home environment. Companies are awarded in 4 categories based on regions (Bratislava, Western Slovakia, Central Slovakia and Eastern Slovakia). Obviously, we are in the Eastern Slovakia category.

The first place belongs to 2J Antennas, a factory in Bardejov. Telegrafia, a company in Košice, ended up on the third place.

Forbes´ ranking is compiled by Finstat. The following criteria are considered:

  1. a company must be free of foreign capital
  2. it must show a profit for at least 3 years
  3. it must show incomes ranging from 5 to 50 million
  4. a number of employees and the growth of incomes are also taken into account

We participated in the weekend programme associated with Diamonds of Slovak Business, which took place in the Palace Art Hotel in Pezinok. The two-day event was full of inspiration,
discussions, workshops and interesting guests. The mentioned workshops focused on topics of company´s readiness for more difficult times or negotiations with an investor.

Year-on-year increase in incomes by € 3 million

We are truly honoured that our enthusiasm, effort and determination have brought us this unexpected award. During the award ceremony, we brought our beginnings in 2015 to mind.
They are closely associated with our first small office in Trebišov, a town in the Eastern Slovak which constantly struggles with unemployment. At the beginning, it was just the five of us, young people, who believed in themselves and had a vision what to do in a logistics and transport company in a different way.

We are glad that all five of them – Pavol Geňo, Patrik Demko, Lukáš Antoš, Stanislav Sčúr and Viktor Sučka are still with us. They have become leaders of company teams and lead their people towards a personal and career growth. During 4 years, we have expanded, relocated our headquarters to Košice and broadened our clientele throughout Europe. We focus mainly on express transport.

In 2018 we succeeded in increasing our incomes by tens of %. The company´s incomes amounted to € 12 million. The young novices have become a professional team of a logistics company with 70 employees.

We appreciate the fact that our company has managed to grow. However, we also care about innovation. Not to rest on our laurels and keep looking for new opportunities how to get better. We started our company in this way and we wish to continue with this spirit in the future. There is still room for improvement. By focusing on making the internal processes more effective we will provide better quality services, which will ultimately help the company to reach its business

Our vision is to win the hearts of our customers through innovation and individual approach. The growth of the company is not our priority, but we expect it as a natural result of our work.

Following the award, Forbes Magazine also prepared an interview with us – They started in a small office in Trebišov. Currently, the company has reached millions in sales.

Swida Innovative ranks among successful Slovak businesses

We have become a diamond of Slovak business. Forbes Magazine has been awarding small and medium-sized fast-growing and healthy Slovak businesses with Diamonds of Slovak Business for 11 years.

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