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How we invest in the future

Self-training is important to us. We have a sophisticated trainee program which is based on the previous successful practice and experience. Our priority is to get a new member to easily identify with assignments, understand them and can adapt faster to the required quality. That is why our basic training process takes up to three months.

We are teaching what we believe in

Most family businesses make their key learnings on the go. Our company is the same. Every crisis, or failure, we came through, was an opportunity to grow and improve our entire organization. We have always tried to move forward as best and as fast as we could. Gradually, we have created our principles and procedures, and we continue to learn as a family, together. When expanding our team, we try to pass these procedures and solutions to every new employee. Almost every day we can discover something new and more effective and put it into our internal rules.

A new employee gains a huge advantage at the start of their career with us – they get a package of proven knowledge that they would otherwise have to obtain for months or years. They get to know tips, hacks, or shortcuts from the beginning to help eliminate uncertainty and frustration. It will pave the way for the results in a shorter time and they will start contributing their views or activity much earlier.

Best practices

New employees will go through the theoretical, as well as the practical part of the training. Since the theoretical part is about pure facts, each participant has the opportunity to learn the materials at a specified time in their line. The so-called incubator awaits those who find the motivation and desire to get through theory. The individual is already assigned to the team, where they encounter common problems of the freight forwarder daily and become familiar with Swida’s internal processes. During this training, the mentor tries to provide guidance, helping with the problem while not directly solving it for them. We believe that it is better to point in the right direction than to answer once. We make sure new colleagues try to engage their logical and critical thinking skills and gain the necessary comfort in daily communication with our career partners.

The trainee program includes also “role plays”. These individuals can prepare for situations they will only encounter in the future. In role plays the mentor tries to draw a fictitious (but detailed) sketch of a situation that our newcomers might encounter very quickly during practice. It is then up to each of them to deal with the sketched situation in practice. The job of the mentor during these plays is to find the strengths, as well as weaknesses of new members. We praise and highlight the strong ones and we can start to work on the weak ones.

Once a person has adapted to the new environment, became familiar with the values ​​and principles of the company, got our know-how and improved their work to the required level, they are ready for real practice!

Being proactive and responsible is necessary

Despite quality learning, we see the need to repeat and practice the knowledge already gained. A proactive and responsible approach is essential for our time-consuming business. That is why we have introduced regular training – twice a week – in the form of drills. With them, we can eliminate errors and improve the management of problem situations.

As our name implies, we are an innovative company, which is why we aim to improve and progress in every single point of our business. Whether towards our clients, partners, or internally – inside the company. Therefore we are sure, that our training process is one of our great assets. We strongly believe that innovation brings changes, that can reveal the new values of our company for the future.

How we invest in the future

Self-training is important to us. We have a sophisticated trainee program which is based on the previous successful practice and experience. Our priority is to get a new member to easily identify with assignments, understand them and can adapt faster to the required quality.

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