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Not size, but flexibility and reliability are, in our experience, a decisive factor in choosing a partner for freight forwarding. However, we are convinced that the family character and size of our company is rather an advantage in the competition. Read in our blog what specifically a smaller company has an advantage in.

  • Organizational structure

In our company, one of the main advantages is a simple and clear organizational structure. It does not surprise anyone that our owner is part of a team and has a close relationship with employees. As a result, anonymity is lost and employees feel more important about their work performance. This makes it easier to create a friendly atmosphere for small working groups. At the same time, the natural authority of leaders is strengthened, who can take a “shovel in their hand” when needed.

  • Management process, decision making

Dynamics, high adaptability to changing demand conditions, and flexibility are the main advantages of smaller companies. Strong centralization of management functions in the hands of the owner enables Swida Innovative flexibility, speed, entrepreneurship, and high innovation with a customer orientation. By constantly educating and implementing the latest procedures, we are changing the perception that well-established processes are the domain of large companies. Proof of this is the fact that in less than 5 years of our existence, we have become a TOP growing company in Slovakia. We are aware that well-tuned processes need constant optimization, and therefore our managers are constantly challenged with new tasks and finding more effective solutions in practice.

  • Personal development, growth of employee quality

If you work with us, you usually have a very diverse scope, and learn a lot from the very beginning. We are convinced that quality training and quick immediate experience create the most resilient employees. Although we are more of a young and dynamic company, we are aware of the need to invest in employee training. In this case, our management does not save on investments and it is comparable to corporations. An interesting trend in recent years is the availability of online courses, webinars, or sophisticated tutorials, thanks to which we can invest in education very effectively and continuously.

  • Financial resources, cash flow

Our financial possibilities are not unlimited, but due to the size of the company and the length of operation, we are financially very solidly secured. We can allocate the necessary resources to investments very quickly and thanks to the fact that we pay 99.9% (the 0.1% reserve is due to the human factor) of our liabilities always on time, we have high credit between partners, suppliers, and banks. It supports a number of Solvency Certificates that we have. We are especially proud of our Diamond Award, which we received as part of the independent evaluation of Slovak business companies.

  • Innovation

Many small-family business owners tell you they could never start a business in an area that requires high innovation. This is based on the nature of the high allocation of financial resources that small companies do not have at the beginning of their business. Our path was exactly the opposite. From the beginning, we decided that innovation was so important to our kind of business that it would be part of our DNA, and that’s why we put it in the name of our company. We know that when choosing a partner, the client often asks about innovations and whether the company can innovate internally or must buy them. A good company has an internal IT team that can create a user-friendly operating system tailored to the needs of not only the company but especially its customers. We follow many examples in this and our IT internal team has the highest ambitions.

  • Market information, marketing

In any good company, investment in marketing grows hand in hand with the success of the company. It is the same with us. We are convinced that the power of communication is growing today and thanks to constant contact with the customer we have enough information about the market, which brings us important insights into marketing or building long-term communication strategies. Efficiency and optimization are the most important in our marketing activities. In this regard, we turned to an external partner – a communication agency, which helps us primarily with online marketing communication. We do not want to invest money headlong, but we have what we need for promotion. We believe that even with this step, we are gradually succeeding in blurring the differences in the brand building between us and our competitors.

  • Customer approach

We are aware that as a small company we cannot offer comprehensive services – warehouses, ships, planes, regular transports. However, we can bring great flexibility and narrow specialization, which is demanded by more and more clients. For those of you for whom the image of the company is an important element in decision-making, large internationally known companies will always be a great attraction. If it suits you that your logistics partner does not need the reputation of large companies, our dynamic company will be a good choice. In our business, the customer is not just some entity, listed under the customer number. It is not uncommon for our employees, who bring customized freight forwarding solutions, to be in contact with the client on a daily basis throughout the duration of the relationship. For us, this is a critical element of growth. Perfect knowledge of our customer and a special approach to his needs. As we are a small family business, success multiplies among colleagues, and failure is shared.

Become a part of our story and send us your contact or calculation request. In this particular case, it is best to verify that size of the company does not matter so much.


Not size, but flexibility and reliability are, in our experience, a decisive factor in choosing a partner for freight forwarding.

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