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SWIDA Innovative has moved to a new address in recent months. The office premises are located in a two story two story building with a private fitness centre and extensive parking area.

Before the actual move, the building underwent a renovation with the supervision of an architect. As a result, a pleasant and stimulating working environment for over 100 employees of the freight forwarding company, SWIDA Innovative, has been created. This renovation included changing the layout of the floor plan and modernising the equipment with the use of with the emphasis on improving material quality.

New workplace for optimal performance

Four modern meeting rooms are available for employees to organise meetings and cooperate on individual projects. In addition, there are several chill-out zones and two kitchens in the building. SWIDA Innovative also supports a healthy lifestyle and therefore provides unlimited access to the private fitness centre and a regular supply of fresh fruit.

The training room, where new hires learn the basics of their future work at DISPO and SALES academies, is also an essential part of the workplace. These academies help new employees to quickly familiarise themselves with the company’s operations and become productive members of individual teams in the shortest time possible.

 “For SWIDA, this move is not only a change in the working environment but a completely new chapter in its business. It is an opportunity to gain further experience and explore new horizons. We believe that a better working environment will help to increase the work efficiency, as well as the satisfaction of the employees,” commented the manager of the dispatch department, Rudolf Barila.


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