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What did 2020 bring us and what will be the most important thing in the new one?

Thanks to the fact that last year was quite varied and turbulent, also we experienced a number of new business cases, laws, and variables, that the situation with the pandemic brought to freight forwarding. “We needed to learn working with fewer carriers, higher prices, and last but not least with a large number of shipments that our clients wanted from us,” says Anti, our chief of staff. We have learned that stability in the business environment can be very fickle and only thanks to the dynamics of the company you perceive and adapt changes more effectively. This is confirmed by the view of Igor, our head of business, who learned over the past year that “if we can accept the changes, perceive them, and even anticipate them, we will be happier.”

According to Viktor, our CEO, the happiness of employees is directly proportional to the right corporate culture. Viktor is a supporter of collective success or failure and believes in the strength of his team, which has grown with new talents last year, so it is a very good signal for the future.

“In our society, I want to build a culture where people respect each other, trust each other. Why fight with each other when we can use that energy more sensibly. I take care of you, I support you when everything is all right and I solve when something is wrong and in return, I expect others to treat me identically. This is how we grow together. I think that in 2020 we managed to lay the foundations of this culture, but we still have a very long way to go. “

Last year, we learned to deal with things very elastically and efficiently, we learned to better manage the demands of modern multitasking, and we began to focus more on strategic decisions. Viktor began to pay more attention to long-term goals and plans, and he learned well to delegate those short-term, operational tasks. Anti noticed his team’s great resilience to changing conditions and began to work harder to streamline processes to help his managers and create more time. He confirmed to Igor last year that “if you work with focus and passionate people, support their personal growth, and create values together, it will bring very nice results.”

Of course, the global pandemic surprised everyone, but when we look at the express transport and logistics market in general, those companies that were ready could adapt quickly. We feel relatively strong in this respect, as we have innovations in our DNA and we direct our investments to the development of education, marketing, and systems for better overview and management of individual business cases. Last year caught us ready and also produced fruit in the form of a record quarter, which we achieved together as a team at the end of the year. That is why we have high expectations this year.

We believe that the pandemic situation will calm down with the arrival of vaccines and life will soon return to normal. It will be a challenging year for our company. “It’s great that we were successful last year, but previous successes do not guarantee the others. We remain true to our proven practice and at the same time, we launch new ideas. There will be no shortage of innovation this year either. We have the space to grow, we have great service, we bring great added value, but many clients still do not know about us. We are actively working to make our brand visible and build it properly,“ says Viktor. Anti is clear in his prediction for this year: “One of the most important things for 2021 took place before its launch. It was the Christmas break we all needed. After the challenging end of 2020, we all welcomed the opportunity to switch off mentally and physically. Thanks to this, we are ready to light up today for a common purpose and goal – to continue working as one team for the better year of 2021! “

Igor joins his wish, wants us to be able to “continue developing the corporate environment in full health and support everyone on the common path to achieve ambitious goals.”

And we wish you all, friends, to stay in full health at work and in the family to enjoy this year.  ?


What did 2020 bring us and what will be the most important thing in the new one?

Thanks to the fact that last year was quite varied and turbulent, also we experienced a number of new business cases, laws, and variables, that the situation with the pandemic brought to freight forwarding.

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