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Supplier, our partner

Successfully completed transport for us means that the order was fulfilled according to the requirements and to the client’s satisfaction. We see choosing the right supplier as one of the most important criteria for achieving this goal. For this, we use our own database, which we regularly perform and update based on our previous experience with carriers. Today, this database contains more than 11,000 suppliers and slightly more of our remarks. 🙂

How does our internal database look like?

The profile of each supplier contains all the necessary data to know whether the carrier is suitable for transport or not. The profile contains information from the vehicle fleet, through popular destinations to the history of transports. As part of the performed transports, we mainly evaluate the observance of time and other predetermined requirements, communication before and during the transport, promptness, availability, and others. These indicators successfully help us in choosing the best carrier for a given transport in the future.

Since the establishment of the company, we have successfully carried out more than 50,000 shipments. With our 11,000 carriers in the database, there are on average 4-5 shipments per carrier. In reality, however, this number is misrepresented. Our goal is not the diversity of suppliers, but the concentration of the capable companies that we want to reuse regularly and that provided us with the service we expected. Great work will receive an excellent evaluation in our system.

We take good relationships with our suppliers as a key success factor and we build long-term partnerships on all sides. The prosperity of the company, and thus the success of our clients, is
largely reflected in the quality of the work performed by our carriers which we regularly record and evaluate.

Even if we bet on proven quality when choosing the right carrier for the job at hand, it may happen that the carrier does not comply with obligations. The supplier who did not meet the preagreed conditions of transport receives in our database stop sign and the label “forbidden”. This means that we will no longer cooperate with such a carrier in the future.

What does such a transport look like in our company?

Before we send the car to load the goods for the client, we deal with the information for the selection of the supplier. These are in particular:
– the current distance of the vehicle from the place of loading
– availability of a suitable vehicle
– frequent transit time, i.e, time for which we can deliver the goods to the destination
– the price at which the carrier transport the goods
– the urgency of the consignment
– quantity and weight of goods
– technical equipment of the vehicle and driver

If the information we have collected makes sense to us, we will proceed to verify the supplier, if it is not already in our database.

We (not the suppliers) are fully responsible for the solutions we offer to our clients

If a problem occurs during transport, we call on the supplier to communicate immediately. Of course, we also communicate openly about the problem with the client and we approach the situation as responsibly as possible. We assure the client that we can take care also of complications. We regard this assurance as an essential thing so this means that we never hide behind the carriers and their actions. It is very important for us that our work is perceived as a complex by the client and we are happy when it is then retrospectively assessed as well and responsibly managed. We also try to invoke such a setting from our suppliers.

We are aware of the sensitive business of express transport. Therefore, with each transport, we try to deepen the partnership with the client and the supplier. Our results and very correct
relationships prove that we are doing well.

Supplier, our partner

We are aware of the sensitive business of express transport. Therefore, with each transport, we try to deepen the partnership with the client and the supplier.

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