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Swida Innovative

Our company primarily focuses on express transports, within which we can solve even the most complicated forms of transport with no obligations. Our main goal is to make the costumers as satisfied as possible. We team up with an extensive and powerful network of premium carriers, who meet the strict conditions of our mutual cooperation. Our previous success reflects our conscientious and well-done work. As the name of our company says, we try to innovate daily, because it's the only way to survive in the tough competition and to bring the best to you, our costumers

About company
Express transport

Express transport

Express transport requires an expressly fast and precise job of the forwarding agents. We are aware that time is money and in the field of goods transport, it's twice as important to remember that. That's exactly why our main priority is to bring your goods to the right place in the shortest amount of time possible. Whether it's flowers or dangerous products that you need to transport, we are here for you. We offer freight insurance to make everything as safe as we can.

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An effective process to manipulate your transports

Premium services in express transport require perfect timing and maximum process efficiency.


Processing your order according to your expectations


Quick search for a vehicle and route planning


Regular check of the movement of your shipment


Pick-up and termination notification

Our app

Our app

Your transports under your sight

The app Swida online, which we are working on at the moment, will give our costumers an above standard service. You'll be able to find your ongoing transports, your transport data history and statistics all in one place, while you can also request a transport status update which you can share with your customers if needed.

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The benefits that we provide within the transport

  • Firm rate per kilometer
  • Fixed prices from point A to point B
  • Pricing the transport on spot
  • Active communication within load and unload
  • Crane for loading and unloading respectively
  • ADR, frigo, taillift
  • Loading and unloading windows
  • Administrative assistance at the customs
Transport solution

15 minutes Transport solution

Provided transports

43841 Provided transports


24/7 Availability

Available vehicles

4000 Available vehicles


Exactly what we need – a company capable of organizing transports in the whole Europe. From anywhere to anywhere. They organized for us hundreds of transprots with all kinds of units, from small packages up to big trucks with 2 drivers. The only wish I have is that they would be able to arrange also groupage.

Transport Control Tower, OEM

Your growth is unique and so are your services. Very much appreciated.

Logistics Department, Global 1st tier automotive supplier

First I started driving with swida on ad-hoc basis. They supported us over and over when our contractual partners didn´t have a possibility. Later on, our cooperation grew and now they cover some of the most frequent and the most important lines for our plants.

Inbound urgent transports, Major automotive manufacturer.

Quick, flexible, always available, reasonable prices. They say you can´t get all four at one place. Well, guess what, with Swida you can.

Supply Chain Management, Automotive industry

Dear Mr. Demko, I really appreciate your quick service, flexibility and persistence.

Import - Export & Transportation Specialist

SWIDA, The way you handled our crisis during our production collapse was pure heaven. You saved us by saving our customers.

Strategischer Versand/Customer care

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