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Within our two branches (Košice, Trebišov) efficiency, flexibility, or profitability is often compared. Last month, we decided to swap management for a few days and bring a revival to the teams to get first-hand information. Our Maki traveled to Trebišov and Jarko to Košice. After returning to their home branches, we asked about their immediate feelings.

What did the swap bring you personally?

M: As part of this exchange, I was in another team for 2 weeks, but it was not unfamiliar to me at all, as both old and new managers regularly study in Košice. The change was very positive, I knew again how people think in different situations and what solutions they bring. For me, it was important to understand everyone correctly and give quality feedback.

J: I benefited from the exchange. Other people, different environments, even though the work was still the same. The management methods I use are the same as Maki’s methods, so I think that people, apart from personal sympathies, did not feel any change in managing their work.

What proven management methods do you think work for each team?

M: Everyone needs to understand what they’re doing, why we’re doing it, and what our common goal is. For me, the method of a positive work environment has operated best, where people know that they always have the door open, so we want to have good relationships in the workplace. Employees must have sufficient support and, above all, confidence in their manager.

J: I bet most on quality feedback, which I try to keep moving – good and bad. People must receive management feedback in a timely and well-structured manner. They can learn from it and be more effective very quickly.

Which characteristics did you emphasize the most to the team?

M: The characteristic that every single team should have is competitiveness. I can’t imagine a team that doesn’t care what their collective or individual results are.

J: Flexibility. We often have to deal with the question of who will back up whom or who can work overtime. That is why we have implemented a system that has helped us solve this problem efficiently and clearly.

Are the two teams different and were you surprised by something in the other team that you didn’t expect?

M: We have great and clever people at both branches. Company monthly records are always equally distributed to people from both teams. When I started the swap, I was very pleasantly surprised by the comfortable and relaxed working atmosphere there, I almost thought I was home in KE :). By that I mean that I feel very comfortable in both branches, we can find time for fun, but I do not doubt that everyone understands where the border is. Both teams take their work as responsibly as possible and know that if we need to work hard, we can rely on each other.

J: Košice and Trebišov form a great team, where a lot of people are well played. We are the same in this. The only difference is the distance, nothing else :). When I arrived on the first day, it was very nice when people thought I had come to the inspection. From the beginning, there was a sense of respect on their part, as I was a stranger to them. After a few hours, it changed and together we found our way to each other. I am happy for the time spent on this team and I would like to repeat it in the future.


Last month, we decided to swap management for a few days and bring a revival to the teams to get first-hand information. Our Maki traveled to Trebišov and Jarko to Košice.

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